The Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investment (AWEX) is the department of the Walloon Region in charge of promoting foreign trade and attracting foreign investors.

AWEX developing a series of aid intended to assist companies in various stages of their business processes.

This aid covers all stages of the exporting process: Information> Promotion> Prospecting> Education> Financial Stimulation> International funding.



Eligibility criterias to help granted by by AWEX :

  • Accessible to SMEs located in the Walloon Region
  • For both companies and other players in the Walloon economic life of all sizes (federations and professional groups, independent)
  • To benefit from these services, you have to be referenced in the database of exporting Walloon companies (Renew)



Help the federations, clusters and trade associations

Besides financial aid granted individually to Walloon companies, AWEX also supports through the partial financing of international promotion activities gathered in the annual action program Walloon federations, clusters or groupings Walloon abroad.

Criterias :

  • Introduction of the annual preferred stock program before the end of the first quarter of this program realization of year or at least 1 month before the first action
  • Response to 50% of the annual budget prepared by the federation, the cluster or group on the basis of the terms of financial aid applying to Walloon companies. The intervention is granted solely for the proportionate share of these Walloon members.

Intervention in individual participation in a lounge or convention (eg Avignon, Cinars Bourse Rideau Tanzmesse …)

Criterias :

  • On the basis of a case to introduce AWEX minimum 1 month before the opening date of the exhibition

(Possibility to deposit a deposit of 50% of the intervention before the start of the fair if the request is made at least 3 months before the start of the event.

  • This assistance supports a maximum of 50% of the costs of:
  • leasing, development and management of the stand
  • travel and accommodation – considered as a package – a delegate dispatched from Belgium, to manage the stand for the duration of the fair



Intervention in the embodiment of communication media


  • The file must be introduced before the implementation of promotional support, supported by a model (for brochures) or a tree (for websites) and a quote and a synopsis (for sound and video CD-ROM only)
  • Intervention valid for 2 years
  • The operation covers 50% of the maximum total actual costs of implementing VAT to a maximum of:
  1. € 5,000 for the envelope brochures
  2. € 10,000 for multimedia shell (Videogram, CD-Rom and website)
  3. € 10,000 for the envelope paper advertising inserts.

Intervention in communication coaching session.

In collaboration with the Walloon Centre for Quality (CEQUAL) AWEX helps VSE & SME optimize their communication to better export.


  • The price of the training group is 600 € per company is certified “training vouchers”
  • The price of individual training is 2000 euros with a supported 50% of the amount by AWEX.