Wallonia-Brussels Theatre / Dance (WBT / D) is the official agency for the international promotion of the arts of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation co-managed by WBI and the Ministry of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels supported by the Walloon Agency in Export and Foreign Investment and Brussels Invest & Export.

The aid’s Agency shall concentrate on the professionalization of export-related crafts arts and stimulation of marketings.

Eligibility criteria for aid granted by WBT/D:

  • The company or the artist must receive a “recognition” of the Ministry of Wallonia-Brussels;

       Registered office of the company or residence of the artist in Wallonia and Brussels;

  • The company or the artist must be able to demonstrate experience in the international marketing of his work and an anchor internationally



Coaching sessions for “Manager (s) Production and Dissemination”



  • Based on a call for applications:
  • Deposit: January 5
  • Selection: February 5
  • WBT / D organizes 4 sessions per year during two periods for the benefit of 15 charge (s) Production and Dissemination operating in the sectors covered by the decree of the arts of the Wallonia-Brussels.


Workshop – Council “Patronage of private companies”

Special assistance is assigned to the inclusion in training – awarded by Promethea – aimed to contribute to the optimization of sponsorship requests from private companies. This support is designed to enable companies to make financial margins to boost their export strategies.


Criterias :

  • Based on a call for applications:
  • Deposit: January 5
  • Selection: February 5
  • 10 entries per year are affected by this support
  • 100% of intervention for non-regulated companies
  • Response to 50% for regulated companies



Intervention in the constitution of promotional tools


Criterias :

  • Based on a call for applications:
  • Deposit: February 15
  • Selection: March 15
  • Financial assistance will be capped at a maximum of € 1,500 and shall not exceed 50% of the total cost of the materials produced for regulated companies or scheduled contract;
  • Media concerned: editing, recording, creating a teaser, publishing & editing (website: not eligible)


Not combinable help with those granted by AWEX and Brussels Invest & Export if necessary.



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