Réseaux internationaux


PAMS – Performing Arts Market in Seoul (Séoul, Corée du Sud) : PAMS

China SPAF – Shanghai Performing Arts Fair (Shanghai, Chine) : China SPAF

ISPA – International Society for Performing Arts (NYC, USA) : ISPA

APAP – Association of Performing Arts Presenters (NYC, USA) : APAP

TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama (Yokohama, Japon) : TPAM

APAM – Australian Performing Arts Market (Brisbane, Australie) : APAM



TRANS EUROPE HALLES: Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a European based network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists that advocates and promotes culture, makes accessible its knowledge and encourages new centres and initiatives. SITE: http://teh.net

ON THE MOVE:  aims to facilitate cross-border mobility in the arts and culture sector contributing to build up a vibrant European shared cultural space strongly connected worldwide. S: http://on-the-move.org

IETM:  IETM is a membership organisation which exists to stimulate the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment. It aims at proving the value of the performing arts in society by initiating and facilitating professional networking and communication, the dynamic exchange of information, know-how transfer and presentations of examples of good practice. S: https://www.ietm.org

CAE: CULTURE ACTION EUROPE: S: http://cultureactioneurope.org

CTE: La Convention Théâtrale Européenne (CTE) est un réseau européen de théâtres publics créé en 1988 pour promouvoir les écritures dramatiques contemporaines, soutenir la mobilité des artistes et développer les échanges artistiques, et qui organise des débats et des confrontations à travers et au-delà de l’Europe. S: http://etc-cte.org/

ACCR: L’Association des Centres culturels de rencontres – ACCR – rassemble aujourd’hui 22 membres en France et 22 en Europe et un peu plus largement (Canada, Brésil, Australie). Lieux de mémoire, lieux de création, les Centres culturels de rencontre ont vu le jour  en 1972 en France autour de six monuments emblématiques soutenus dans leur initiative par Jacques Duhamel et Jacques Rigaud. En France, les Centres culturels de rencontre se distinguent par un label décerné par la ministre de la Culture et de la Communication, qui vient souligner la force d’un projet artistique, culturel, intellectuel en synergie avec un site patrimonial majeur qui se met au service de la création, de la transmission, de la recherche et de l’innovation, tissant un lien étroit entre des publics variés, des territoires. S:http://www.accr-europe.org/index.php/qui-sommes-nous/

ECF: EUROPEAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION : We bridge communities and cultural change-makers across wider Europe. Connecting Culture, Communities and Democracy is the over-arching thematic focus we support, research and advocate for. S: http://www.culturalfoundation.eu/our-work/

ELIA: EUROPEAN LEAGUE OF INSTITUTES OF THE ARTS: The European League of Institutes of the Arts – ELIA is the primary independent network organisation for higher arts education. With over 300 members in 47 countries, it represents some 300,000 students in all art disciplines. ELIA advocates for the arts on the European level, creating new opportunities for its members and facilitating the exchange of best practices. S:http://www.elia-artschools.org/elia/about

ENCATC: Is the leading European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education.  ENCATC is the only European network gathering together higher educational institutions and training organizations dealing with cultural management education and training.  S: http://www.encatc.org

IN SITU – European platform for artistic creation in public space : IN SITU brings together a group of programmers who are passionate about new forms of art and public space. They have been working together since 2003 to develop joint European projects.
The expertise and activities of IN SITU covers scouting and promotion of artists, organisation of project laboratories and incubators, co-productions and promotion of emerging creations, organisation of conferences and seminars, etc.
To date, IN SITU has supported over 180 European artists. It gathers 25 partners from 17 countries from as many practical and aesthetic backgrounds which all contribute something vital to the network. Whether members come from a sprawling metropolis or a rural area, whether they are seeking to rehabilitate industrial wasteland or redesign landscapes, the goal is always to serve artists working with, in and for public space.


CircoStrada : Since 2003, Circostrada Network works to develop and structure the fields of Circus and Street Arts in Europe and beyond. With more than 80 members from 25 countries, it contributes to build a sustainable future for these sectors by empowering cultural players through the production of resources and actions of observation and research, professional exchanges, advocacy, capacity-building and information.


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